Know some symptoms that may indicate possible breast cancer

In case you didn’t know, unfortunately breast cancer is a very common problem that affects women worldwide.

Thus, as with most problems, when the diagnosis is made earlier, the easier the treatment and a possible cure will be.

In that sense, did you know that there are some symptoms that you can perceive yourself, that may indicate possible breast cancer?

So, check out some of these symptoms that may help you indicate this possible problem.

Symptoms that may indicate possible breast cancer

Remembering that not all symptoms that will be cited, reflect exactly this disease, but that they are common to appear in this case.

1. Different nipple discharge

One of the most visible and most common symptoms of possible breast cancer is a different nipple discharge.

In that sense, this discharge is different from breast milk, and in most cases it can be accompanied with a little blood.

That is, it is a liquid, which is generally not of great quantity, but which requires a lot of attention if it occurs.

2. Redness or scaly skin in the nipple area

Any color that deviates from the normal color of your nipple, requires you to be careful.

Thus, another common symptom in a possible breast cancer, is the very strong redness in the nipples and or around the breast.

In addition, another possible symptom is the creation of a scaly skin around the area of ​​your nipples, being like an orange peel.

Therefore, if this occurs and ends up persisting, seeking a doctor is essential.

3. Breast bigger than the other

Calm! We know that it is very common for women, and even men, to have a chest slightly larger than the other.

However, one of the symptoms present, especially in inflammatory breast cancer, is a much larger breast than the other.

Thus, inflammatory breast cancer does not usually cause a breast lump, and may not be detectable on ultrasound.

But, if this case is persistent, and causes discomfort such as pain and others, the search for a doctor is essential.

4. Excessive itching in the sinus region

If your breast area starts to get itchy excessively, it could be a sign of possible breast cancer.

Therefore, this itchiness is persistent and may or may not have been accompanied by a reddish irritation.

Thus, if a possible itch begins to persist in the region of the breasts and nipples, it is essential to seek help from a doctor or specialist.

5. Retracted nipples

The inversion of the nipples is one of the things that usually happen when a person can develop breast cancer.

In this way, the nipples end up being retracted, that is, they end up starting to be inverted straight into the breast.

In this sense, this symptom can often come to appear in more advanced stages of this problem, which requires a lot of attention.

In addition, not only are they retracted, but any other changes in the nipples or even the breasts, which make them crooked or cause any deformation, it is very important to seek treatment for analysis.

6. Core (nodules)

In case you don’t know, the nodules are tissues that end up making that elevation, giving the resemblance of lump.

So, this is one of the symptoms that unfortunately occur most in women, which may indicate possible breast cancer.

Therefore, this nodule has a reasonable size and is not very large, which is usually located in the sinus region.

In addition, it can cause pain and even discomfort in the region.

Therefore, if you see this foreign tissue, it is essential that you seek medical support.

Final considerations

Some of the symptoms that were mentioned below, are you experiencing this moment?

So, do not despair, since the most correct thing is to get your trusted doctor for an evaluation.

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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