These habits may be destroying your vision

Did you know that simple everyday things, and that many times you don’t even feel, can damage your vision and you didn’t know?

In this way, simple things can affect the eyes, where we often do and do not feel the effects at the time, just a few years ahead.

However, it is a good thing that habits can be reversed, and if you start taking care of these things now, you can avoid a big problem.

Therefore, in this article, we will mention the main habits that can impair your vision and you may not know it.

Habits that can impair your vision and you may not know

Rubbing your eyes

One of the first reactions when the eye starts to itch is to end up rubbing, right? This is an almost involuntary habit.

However, when you make that scratching movement, it is possible to put unnecessary pressure on your eyes or even scratch them.

That is, at the moment it can even be a satisfactory situation, but it can bring big problems, and even harm your vision.

Therefore, when your eyes start to itch, it is ideal that you try to wash with running water, not rub.

Spend a lot of time in front of screens

We live in the age of technology, which is where people are increasingly accessing cell phones, computers, televisions and more.

But, that clarity that is provided by these devices, can be very harmful when used in the long run.

In addition, when you are exposed, you are less likely to blink, which means your eyes can become dry, red and itchy.

This way, avoid being exposed to screens for a long time, especially at night, resting your eyes, and preventing you from harming your vision.

Avoid wearing eye protection at various events

Did you know that one of the things that most cause people to impair their vision is not to use eye protection at the right times?

So, one of the things that should be taken into account, in some events, is the protection of the eyes.

Therefore, you must wear eye protection when:

  • Swimming
  • Continuous exposure to sunlight
  • Cut the grass
  • Work on home improvement projects
  • Cleaning with chemicals
  • Cooking with oils 
  • And among others

That is, basically anything that causes risk to your eyes, common sense should be used, and provide adequate eye protection.

Save sleep

When you go to sleep, this will be the main time that your eyes will rest and lubricate properly.

But, insufficient sleep can result in puffy, swollen or itchy eyes.

Therefore, sleeping at least 7 hours is important for the eyes and the rest of the body, as it is your moment of rest and that most helps not to impair your vision.

Also, remember that looking at screens near bedtime can interfere with sleep.

Wear unprotected makeup

This one is a very common habit, especially by women, which is the act of applying makeup, without being careful to damage your vision.

So, one of the essential things to avoid accidents, is to be very careful when applying makeup, especially to the eyes.

In addition, applying eyeliner or mascara too close to the lash line can block sebaceous glands and cause bacteria to accumulate.

Therefore, it is important to replace mascara and other makeup every 3 months to prevent the buildup of dangerous bacteria that can cause infections.

If you wear makeup, be very careful not to impair your vision or cause accidents.

Final considerations

Did you see how there are habits, often involuntary, but that can help to impair your vision?

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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