Unique techniques to keep your spine in good posture

It is very common for us to reach an age when our spine starts to charge more, with several pains and discomforts, often caused by the lack of good posture.

Thus, it is very common that, due to negligence, ending up leaving the spine becomes, which can bring very serious problems.

However, did you know that there are some unique techniques that will help you keep your spine in good shape?

Therefore, below we will show you what these techniques are, so that you can keep your spine as adjusted as possible, and thus avoid problems.

Unique techniques to keep your spine in good posture

Few people know, but unfortunately, spinal problems are one of the things people face most, regardless of age, and almost always caused by poor posture.

However, you will no longer have problems with the following techniques:

1. Be careful not to bend over the front of the computer

For those who work using the computer for long periods of time during the day, they must have realized that it is much more comfortable to be bent over.

However, it is precisely this comfort that harms your spine, being a bad thing for those looking for good posture.

That way, you can do the following technique, to avoid getting bent over in the chair:

  1. First, sit fully back in the chair
  2. Soon after, place a small rolled towel or lumbar pillow behind the middle of the back to protect the natural curve of the spine
  3. Finally, bend your knees at a right angle and keep them at the same height or slightly higher than your hips, keeping your feet on the floor.

This way, you can maintain yourself in the correct posture, and at the same time you won’t have so many problems with discomfort.

In addition, it is very important that you are careful not to let your body return to the curved position.

2. Don’t go to your cell phone, let it come to you

One of the biggest mistakes made by most people, is while using the cell phone, bending your head a lot, maintaining a bad posture.

So, when you do that, you end up overloading your spine, which after a while, can bring you big problems.

So, the correct way to use your cell phone is to make it go towards you and not you go to it.

That is, to maintain good posture and even better viewing, lift the phone and move your eyes, not your head.

Therefore, it is a simple technique, but it can help maintain good posture.

3. Beware of good posture when driving

We know how cool and comfortable it is to recline during a long trip. But, if you don’t know, it’s terrible for your posture.

Thus, a simple technique to solve this problem when driving, especially over long distances, is: • Pull the seat close to the steering wheel. Try not to lock your legs • Therefore, bend your knees slightly, as they should therefore be at or slightly above the hip. • Don’t forget to place a pillow or rolled-up towel behind you for support

In this sense, using this technique you will be able to maintain good posture, being even more comfortable over long distances.

4. Try to retire high heels on a great night out

The heel is certainly one of the great fashion items for women, which give an extra style, but which are terrible for good posture.

Thus, heels and high sandals, propel the base of the spine forward, which causes your back to bow.

That is, it can change the way your spine aligns and put pressure on your nerves, which causes back pain.

Therefore, it is essential that you take great care of this, especially if you are going to spend long hours with the item.

So, choose a lower and more robust jump, choosing to jump only for fast events.

Final considerations

You could see that there are some simple and practical techniques that you can use right now to maintain good posture.

So, what are you waiting for?

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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