5 perfect tricks you can do with toothpaste and you might not know

Toothpaste is certainly essential in the life of all people, because without it good oral hygiene is not possible, and thus may have greater problems.

However, few people know, but toothpaste has other specific functions that you may not know.

That is, even if you read that toothpaste that you use to brush your teeth, it can help you with other functions on a daily basis.

So in this article, we’ll cite 5 perfect tricks you can do with toothpaste and you might not know it.

5 tricks to do with your toothpaste

Remembering that all the following tricks should be used with standard white toothpaste, without gels or colors.

1. Remove scratches from your phone

Did you know that it is possible to reverse those scratches that are left on your cell phone, just using a toothpaste?

That way, we know that hand no matter how high the Gorilla Glass number is, there will come a time when the screen will have scratches.

So, to relieve or even remove it completely, you can use some toothpaste and a piece of cotton.

Therefore, pass over the screen in a spiral shape and very carefully, passing for about 2 minutes.

Finally, take a very comfortable microfiber or cotton cloth and wipe over the canvas to remove the cream.

Therefore, you will see that most of the scratches that were present are gone, using a simple and practical way.

In addition, you can also use it to remove scratches from discs (CD or DVD), shoes, vehicle headlights and etc.

2. Relive the white of shoes

If you have shoes that have rubber finishes in white, surely it starts to fade or turn yellow over time.

However, if they are white, toothpaste can help you a lot to revitalize your color.

So, take a little white toothpaste (no colors or gels) and apply it directly to the dirty area with a cloth.

Soon after, clean and rinse well to reveal whiter looking shoes.

But, if you still don’t get the desired result, you can repeat this process a few more times.

3. Clean the bathroom sink

When brushing your teeth, it is common to end up dropping some paste in the sink, where our first reaction is to clean.

However, the next time, don’t wash, grab a sponge and scrub around the sink to help clean it quickly.

In that sense, few people know, this natural abrasive acts as a mild bathroom cleaner.

In addition, due to its mild fragrance, toothpaste also helps to deodorize the sink drain.

4. Toothpaste to make silver jewelry shine again

Currently, many companies are investing in the function of cleaning jewelry, especially silverware, which over time fades.

But, if I told you that you don’t have to take your jewelry, where can you do it at home with just toothpaste?

So, use a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush to gently clean your silver jewelry.

Finally, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a soft cloth.

You will see that your jewelry will have its shine back.

5. Avoid fogging glasses with toothpaste

If you practice any sport that requires the use of glasses, such as swimming, skiing, diving and others, you may have noticed that it is common for these glasses to start to fog up during the practice.

However, this simple toothpaste trick will help you to have no more problems with it.

So, before using, apply a thin layer of toothpaste on your glasses and see that they will no longer be embarrassing.

Therefore, for those who play sports, it is certainly something that will help a lot.

Final considerations

Did you see how toothpaste has functions that go beyond just brushing?

So, which of these tricks caught your attention?

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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