Ants exaggerated in your house? Eliminate them at once with these tricks

Having lots of ants in the house can be a really big problem, since they are insects that are difficult to eliminate, and that always comes back.

Thus, one of the things that people commonly choose to kill these ants is insecticides, which are often not enough.

However, if I told you that there are some famous and basic items for these insects, which will help to eliminate them once and for all?

In other words, they are things that you should have done, that are totally simple and you have at home.

Therefore, we will mention below, the infallible tricks used for those who are suffering from the exaggerated number of ants.

Tricks to eliminate ants once and for all

As much as we have said that sometimes using poison is not enough, it is important to make it clear that several methods will help even more.

In that sense, be sure to use the poison, along with the following tricks:

1. Spray vinegar

Vinegar besides its basic function of making meals, it has several other benefits, such as eliminating ants.

Thus, its strong filling and its very acidic solution, ends up being a bad experience for these insects, making them not look for that place.

That is, you can put the vinegar and a little water in the sprinkler, applying it in strategic corners where ants use it most, such as: • Plants • Backyard • Kitchen • Dining room • And all the places where food occurs, such as even the rooms

In addition, you can also apply directly to the floor, to eliminate ants once and for all.

2. Use petroleum jelly and the ants will pass away

Perhaps at this point you are wondering, what does a skin product have to do with eliminating ants.

However, petroleum jelly is a product hated by these insects, since it is a trap that binds them and thus scares them away.

That is, this trick is indicated mainly for those places where the rows of these insects are formed.

In this way, places such as: trash cans, plant pots, fruit bowls and even pet food pots, can pass.

So do this, and see how these insects will give up that place altogether and eliminate themselves from your home.

3. Use coffee grounds

As much as this trick is quite famous, there are still many people who do not know it and do not know its effect against these insects.

So, this is practically one of the most basic and natural tricks, where it basically consists of using coffee grounds to repel ants.

In addition, sludge can cover those strong odors, caused by food scraps and others, deceiving them and even other insects.

So, if you are looking for a simpler trick, with something natural and of good results, coffee grounds can be a good option.

Bearing in mind, that coffee grounds are more used to scare away these insects from specific locations, which can be eliminated temporarily.

4. Spread orange peels around your home to eliminate ants

Did you know that ants don’t like being in environments that have a lot of citrus odor?

Thus, a simple but fully functional trick to eliminate ants is to spread orange peels in strategic corners and around the house.

So, doing this, when I smell the strong odor of the orange, they will try to stay away from your home.

However, it is important that you change the shells, as it dries, to ensure maximum performance.

Final considerations

Did you see how it is possible to eliminate ants with just basic and simple tricks?

Therefore, the ideal is that you try to use as few insecticides as possible to eliminate these insects, since they can harm children, or even your pets.

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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