Discover the miracle foods for long, healthy hair

Hair is certainly one of the greatest assets, whether for men or women, where there are some miraculous foods that are even healthier and longer.

In that sense, you may not know it, but simple everyday things, but that make all the difference, directly affecting your hair.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you what miracle foods are those that will make your hair long and healthy.

Miracle foods for long, healthy hair

If you want beautiful, silky and healthy hair, the following foods will be essential and will make all the difference in this process.

1. Eggs

We could not fail to mention the miracle foods for long and healthy hair, without mentioning it, the egg.

Thus, it is not for nothing that it is one of the most used things when it comes to recipes for hydrating hair.

In this sense, this happens, because the egg is quite beneficial, having some things, such as: • Proteins • Amino acids • Vitamins and minerals, for example: zinc, iron and others.

That is, when all its benefits are combined, it will have great results, which will directly help in the health of your body and hair.

Therefore, try to adapt the eggs to your meals, as well as, in the hydration processes, to ensure long and healthy hair.

2. Spinach

Spinach is a healthy green vegetable loaded with beneficial nutrients, for example: iron and vitamins A and C, which can promote long, healthy hair.

In this way, vitamin A helps the skin’s glands to produce sebum, as this substance helps in moisturizing the scalp, to keep the hair looking great smooth.

So, to keep your hair big and in good health, you can eat 30g of spinach, which corresponds to more than half of vitamin A needed by the body.

In addition, according to some studies, iron deficiency has been associated with hair loss, where this food may help in this treatment.

3. Fish and seafood for long, healthy hair

Did you know that fish and seafood are excellent allies, especially for women, due to their diverse benefits?

So, this is because most of these foods are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been associated with hair growth.

Thus, a study published by PubMed, showed using foods that have these components, the hair reduced the fall and became even more dense.

That is, as much as there is not such in-depth studies, fish and seafood can help in controlling the fall as well.

Finally, these foods are also excellent for the health of the body, being great sources of: proteins, vitamin D3 and B vitamins and others.

4. Avocado

If you have used any homemade recipe, you must have noticed that some of them contain avocado as an ingredient.

In this sense, avocado, unlike the others, does not act directly on the hair, but on the skin areas, such as the scalp.

Especially because the damaged scalp skin can result in poor hair quality, making them hard and causing falls.

Therefore, it is a miraculous food that directly affects the skin, being very suitable for those who want long and healthy hair.

5. Chillies

Perhaps you have already seen in the previous topics, that vitamin C is one of the great influencers for maintaining long and healthy hair.

However, what if I told you that peppers can have up to 5x more C vitamins than even an orange?

That’s right.

Thus, peppers help directly in the production of collagen, strengthening the threads, and at the same time moisturizing them.

But, the consumption of peppers must be controlled, where many portions should not be eaten, to avoid stomach problems.

Final considerations

After all that has been said, you could see that yes, there are some foods that will directly help you to have long, healthy hair.

So, what are you waiting for to adapt them to your routine right now?

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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