Know if your body may be having a heart attack with these signs

Currently, infarction is still one of the things that most affects people worldwide, where the probability of resulting in death is very high.

However, as you know, the body is a machine, and luckily for us, it can still show some signs that it might have a heart problem.

That is, they are signs that you feel, and that can be easily seen, that will help you to control a possible problem while there is time.

Therefore, in this article, we will mention the main signs that the body gives if it is close to a possible infarction.

Know if your body may be having a heart attack with these signs

Remembering that all the signs mentioned are common for a heart attack, not necessarily stating that it may occur.

In this sense, the most ideal, if you have these signs, is to go in search of a doctor.

1. Discomfort in the chest area

One of the most common signs that a person may have, before having or being in a possible beginning of a heart attack, is chest discomfort.

Thus, the discomfort that is felt, brings a strong feeling of pressure, tightness, fullness or even pain.

In addition, this discomfort can come and go, not being something that is present all the time, and that when it appears it lasts a good time.

Therefore, accompanied by chest discomfort, other areas of the body may become uncomfortable, such as: arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach.

Therefore, if you experience severe discomfort in the chest area, accompanied by other parts of the body, it may be a sign.

Ideally, you should try to support yourself somewhere, and try to go to a hospital for a consultation.

2. Shortness of breath

This is certainly one of the most common symptoms, which at the same time already induces an advanced state of infarction.

In this sense, a person may feel as a single sign of a possible problem, it is shortness of breath, which requires an urgent referral to the hospital.

Thus, whether or not it is a start of a heart attack, any and all shortness of breath that is felt, it is very important to stay alert, and seek medical attention.

When you feel this signal, stop what you are doing, and also try to be close to people, for a possible emergency.

In addition, a big mistake for those who have shortness of breath is to be nervous in the heat of the moment.

However, by getting nervous, you can make the situation worse. That is, the ideal is that you remain calm, try to take a deep breath, and seek help.

3. Dizziness and cold sweat

In addition to the uncomfortable tightness in the chest area and other areas of the body, another symptom that may accompany or come alone at the beginning of the infarction is dizziness and cold sweat.

Thus, the sudden drop in pressure is one of the things that can make this happen, indicating a possible serious problem.

However, do not despair, as they are symptoms present in other problems, not indicating a heart problem.

So, if you start to experience these symptoms, even if you are not accompanied by others, stop what you are doing and seek help immediately.

4. Easy tiredness

If you feel suddenly tired or out of breath after doing something simple, like climbing stairs, seek an appointment with your doctor immediately.

Thus, exhaustion and weakness in the body, are one of the main symptoms for heart disease.

That is, if activities that you practiced before and did not feel tired, and today is a sacrifice, can indicate a possible heart attack, or other types of heart disease.

So, especially women, pay attention to this sign, to treat it as soon as possible.

Final considerations

Did you know that not all people who suffer from heart attacks have the same symptoms or the same severity of symptoms.

However, the more signs and symptoms you have, the greater the chance of having a heart attack.

In this sense, the ideal is to seek help immediately, since seconds can save lives.

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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