Things people feel before they die

Dying can certainly be one of your biggest fears, since living life is one of the best things.

However, there are still several questionnaires, the main one being related to the feeling of dying?

In that sense, there are several rumors about this, but are they really true? Which ones are the most real?

Therefore, in this article, we will mention the main things that people feel before they die, so that you have a basis of what is happening in the last breaths.

Things people feel before they die

Recalling that the information that will be cited below was taken from scientific research and reports from people who were close to death.

Loss of senses

The meaning is one of the most important things of the human being, that we have when we start life and is lost when we die.

Thus, according to research, loss of meaning is one of the things that indicate a gradual death, that is, dying little by little.

Thus, during this period, you tend to lose consciousness in a specific order: hunger and thirst are the first to disappear.

Consequently, you lose the ability to speak, followed by the ability to see.

Finally, this is one of the most common things at the time of death, which occurs gradually, until death itself.

You can see your life flashing by your eyes

This is certainly one of the most common things that you should expect when we talk about this event.

So, this is one of the feelings that can appear most, where during the death process, you can have your moments passing by you as a flash.

That is, it is common to have good and joyful moments, passing all those memories stored in the subconscious.

So this is something that can really happen and be among the things that people feel before they die.

Difficulty breathing 

One of the things that can change when a person is close to death is the change in their breathing pattern.

In that sense, some may experience a faster breathing pattern, while others have long intervals between breaths.

In addition, it can also happen, this difficulty is accompanied by despair and shortness of breath.

However, do not worry, for the person who is dying this is usually not painful, and it happens mostly when the individual is going through a gradual death.

Temperature changes

When a person is dying, one of the first things that happens is a decrease in blood flow, which disrupts body temperature.

In this way, the body and the extremities will start to get cold, where you can perceive by the simple touch.

Finally, this can happen minutes before the person actually dies.

Sleep frequently

Remember that we told you that when a person is dying, he starts to lose consciousness, like his appetite?

Thus, one of the main consequences of this is drowsiness, because your body is without energy and thus weak.

That is, one of the common things before dying is constant and deep sleepiness, where it is often difficult to wake up.

This can occur at relatively advanced stages of death.


Another thing that is quite common before you die is to start experiencing constant hallucinations or distorted vision.

However, although this can be worrying, the best thing to do is to leave, and not disagree, in order not to cause more distress to those who are dying.

Finally, this thing happens less, but it is still quite common.

Final considerations

Dying is certainly one of the things that people least want, and is a cause for concern for many.

In that sense, it is worth knowing a few more details about when the time comes.

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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