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Homer Simpsons

Homer Simpson is one of the main characters in the animated series “The Simpsons” and father in the family of the same name.

Homer is one of the most influential fictional characters on television, being described in the British newspaper The Sunday Times as “the greatest comic character of all [modern] times.”

He was voted the greatest fictional character “of the last 20 years” by Entertainment Weekly in 2011, ranked second on TV Guide’s Greatest Cartoon Characters after Bugs Bunny and was voted the greatest television character of all time by television viewers. Channel 4.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is one of the main characters in the “Toy Story” franchise. 

Buzz is the figure of a space guard (“Intergalactic Police”), one of the leaders among Andy’s toys. He is also the main character of the animated series “Buzz Lightyear of the Star Command” and the cartoon “Buzz Lightyear of the Star Command – The Adventure Begins.”

Squidward Tentacles

Lula Molusco is a character in the American animation series “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

He is a humanoid octopus, who lives in a house that looks like a moai statue between the houses of SpongeBob and Patrick Estrela. 

The character is described as temperamental and pretentious. 

He has a hostile attitude toward neighbors and his constant loud behavior, which SpongeBob and Patrick do not know and behave like friends with him. Squidward works as a cashier at the restaurant “Krusty Krab,” but hates the job.

Hubert Farnsworth

Hubert Farnsworth. it is part of the cartoon series “Futurama.” 

Professor, oldest member of the Academy of Inventors, owner and founder of Planet Express. 

In the series, he is Fry’s nephew and great-grandson and has a clone named Cubert Farnsworth, who is actually also a relative.

He’s quite smart, but sometimes he has the wisdom of a 5-year-old. Professor Farnsworth took no more than two hours to build a simple interstellar ship from the wreckage of robotic dinosaurs, but it took approximately 12 h to create a rubber slingshot and an iron spear.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous Disney characters.

He often appears in the company of his friend Donald and a dog named Pluto. In addition, Mickey has a girlfriend named Minnie, his younger brother Morty, and the aggressive and mischievous nephews: Michael and Milo. 

Mickey Mouse appeared in cartoons, comics, video games and amusement parks.


Brain is the protagonist of the Pinky and the Brain franchise.

In his big, immense head, ideas are collected throughout the day, which at night are transformed into magnificent plans to conquer the world.

The brain wants to change the world for the better. He, like Pinky, can talk to people. He often uses this ability to translate his plans into reality.

The Snow King

The Snow King is a character in the animated series Adventure Time.

The Snow King is a frequent opponent of Finn and Jake. Dreaming of marriage, the Snow King often kidnaps princesses from the Land of Ooo to force them to marry him. 

It can launch rays of ice to freeze the enemy, it can create blizzards and create various ice structures; it can even create living things from the snow.

In addition, the Snow King can fly using his beard, split in two, like wings. He receives all these superpowers from his magical crown and loses them to remove the crown.

Jessica Rabbit

She is a cartoon character created by Robert Zemeckis.

Jessica’s role is that of Femme fatale, a film and music diva who uses her beautiful appearance to succeed.

However, his daring is only an external image, a mask behind which lurks of virtuous characters is hidden.

Flirtation, a faint voice, and revealing clothes are in fact secondary manifestations, while benevolence, loyalty to the husband and determination characterize it to a great extent.


Popeye the Sailor – the hero of American comics and cartoons.

Popeye always holds a corn cob smoke pipe (which he uses as a foreman’s whistle) in his mouth.

Popeye differs from a normal person in that he has tremendous strength (he can freely lift a piano, a large animal like an elephant, and even heavy equipment like an airplane), but in a critical situation, facing extreme difficulty, he eats a can of spinach and it gets much stronger.


Stitch is a fictional alien, originally created to create great chaos in the galaxy and in several cities. It differs in exceptional irascibility and destructive behavior, which, however, can be tamed by the girl Lilo, who took him as a ball of happiness.

Stewart Gilligan 

Stewart Gilligan – the character in the animated series “Family Guy,” an extremely talented one-year-old child, son of Lois and Peter Griffin.

Stewie is a brilliant engineer. He always has a technical novelty of his own invention at hand, be it hypnotizing glasses or an aircraft. He loves weapons, he often holds an assault rifle next to him, which looks a lot like an M3 assault rifle.

Philip Fry

Philip Fry or just Fry – the protagonist of the animated series Futurama, a loser and a sluggard. 

Fry – man of the 20th century, worked in a pizzeria and woke up in the XXX century after accidentally falling into a cryogenic chamber and was frozen on the eve of January 1, 2000. The series mentions his age – 25 years.

Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns, Monty Burns – one of the main characters in the animated series “The Simpsons,” to some extent, he is the antagonist of this series. The owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, although it is not permanent.

Burns is fabulously wealthy and thanks to his Springfield plutocrat status, he can do whatever he wants without any consequences.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is one of the main characters in the comic series Peanuts, created by Charles Schulz and first appeared in the comics of October 2, 1950. He is the older brother of Sally Brown, who loves him very much. Charlie Brown has been described as a lovable loser with infinite determination and hope, but he constantly suffers from his bad luck.

Mario and Luigi

As a Nintendo mascot, Mario is the most famous character in the history of video games, and his representation is generally associated with video games. Mario video games in total sold more than 210 million units, making the Mario series the best-selling game series of all time.

Luigi is most often described as Mario’s younger brother. In games where Luigi is a child, he is shown as a terrible crybaby, but friendly and cheerful, and a little more courageous than an adult.

Again, Mario

Mario is portrayed as an Italian-American plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. He repeatedly stops the villain Bowser, who plans to kidnap Princess Peach and subdue the Mushroom Kingdom. He has other enemies and rivals, including Donkey Kong, the gorilla, and businessman Vario.

Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke are two orphans, they were part of a team that was formed by 3 characters: Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Initially they did not like each other. But over time they got closer.

During the series, Sasuke leaves the team looking for more power, to take revenge on his brother, who murdered his entire family.

During this period, he distances himself from Naruto, but in the future, they become amiPorragos again.

Cookie Monster

He is a fictional puppet character who participates in the TV show “Vila Sésamo.” Known for his insatiable appetite as well as the phrases he utters with his mouth full: “I want cookies!” “I am eating cookies!” And “Om-yum-yum-yum!”

Cookie biscuit eats almost everything that comes in your hand, including Danish cookies, dates, lettuce, apples, etc.

Turanga Leela

Turanga is the main female character in the animated series “Futurama.” She is a mutant, but she has minimal physical anomalies, which come down to cyclopia – one eye instead of two. She is a determined, athletic and attractive girl, captain and pilot of the ship of the courier company “Planet Express.”


Pikachu is a creature from the “Pokemon” series games.

Pikachu is considered one of the most well-known and popular Pokémon, as it is the official mascot of the franchise and has become an icon of Japanese pop culture recently.

In the fictional world of Pokémon, Pikachu tends to live in houses, forests, plains, sometimes in mountains and islands, as well as in abandoned power plants around the world. 

Like an electric Pokémon, Pikachu can accumulate electricity on its cheeks and, if necessary, attack using them. 

Patrick Star

Patrick Star is SpongeBob’s neighbor and best friend, he doesn’t work and spends most of his time sleeping or playing with SpongeBob. 

Patrick’s behavior is childish. 

He likes “childish” things such as lollipops and homemade cookies. Patrick lives in a den under a large rock near Squidward house, and his furniture is made of compacted sand.

Raphael, Ninja Turtles

Raphael is a character of ninja turtles. His bandanna is red, and he has a pair of salts. 

Raphael is usually quite aggressive and stubborn. It was named after Raphael Santi, a Renaissance painter. 

Raphael can be seen practicing punches on a heavy punching bag or doing pushups. But, unlike Leonardo, who sees the meaning of life in training, for Rafael, this is a way to throw away his aggression.

Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone is a character in a series of cartoons and computer games about the adventures of the Flintstones family. 

Fred’s interests include bowling, billiards, poker, lying down and playing golf. Fred won the bowling championship. Fred also plays an excellent golf, as he wins a golf championship for Barney. He is passionate, or rather, addicted to gambling.

Grandpa, Simpsons

Abe Simpson, also known as the grandfather, is one of the supporting characters in the cartoon series “The Simpsons.”

He loves to watch TV. Grandpa Simpson often writes complaints about television, and his statements are absurd – for example, he asks not to use words like “excited” or “bra” on television shows and asks not to show older people as “cheerful and excited.”

Sponge Bob Square Pants

SpongeBob is the protagonist of the American animation series of the same name, which premiered on March 6, 1999 on Nickelodeon.

SpongeBob is a cook at the Krusty Krab restaurant, where he was awarded the employee of the month 364 times. His employer is Mr. Sirigueijo, who loves his money very much, although he pays little (of course, saving most of the money), as does his employee Squidward.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin was born in Mexico and was raised by Francis Griffin and Thelma Griffin. As a child, he was baptized in the Roman Catholic faith, but, much to the chagrin of his father, Peter did not become a devout man.

Although Peter learns that one of his ancestors was a black slave named Nate Griffin, he later learns that Francis Griffin was not his real father. Her real father is an Irish drunk Mickey McFinnigan.

Mike Wazowski

Since childhood, Mike Wazowski has stood out from the rest of the monsters for not being intimidated and not being able to scare someone. But after a school trip to Monsters, Inc., Mike was seriously looking forward to getting a job as a “boogeyman” in the future. One of the workers tells him that the way to the Corporation is through the University of the Monsters.

Johnny Bravo and Daphne

Johnny Bravo is a blond man with his hair combed up, so hard with varnish that not even a trimmer can handle it (as a hairdresser in a military camp, where Johnny was doing military service by mistake, he was convinced).

He believes he can win any girl’s heart, but the series’ episodes show the opposite.

Daphne is an attractive 16 year old teenager. It is normosthenic by body type. She is 167 centimeters tall and weighs 52 pounds. Daphne has shoulder-length wavy red hair, indigo eyes and fair skin.

Gardener Willie

He is a character in the animated series “The Simpsons.” It first appeared in the series “Principal Charming.” He is the only gardener at Springfield Elementary School. 

His bright red hair, beard and strong Scottish accent show his Scottish affiliation.

Willie is known for his affectionate attitude toward his tractor, which, incidentally, bears the name of the gardener himself. According to Willie, he would have married a tractor had it not been prohibited by law.

Vlas Restaurant Reviews, Vila Sesamo

Vlas, although smart, is a little boring. In one of the episodes, Bert reads a book called “A boring story” and laughs “These boring stories are very interesting!”.

He loves collecting paper clips and bottle caps (the Vlas collection has 368), cooking porridge and looking at pigeons.

Bart Simpsons

Bart is one of the main characters in the famous animated series “The Simpsons.”

By nature, he is restless, cynical, selfish, at the same time naive; sometimes it also shows the good side of your personality, such as kindness and friendliness. 

His interests are skating, watching Krusty, the clown show, comics, video games and hooligan antics.


Also known as Kakarotto (name given at birth) – the protagonist of the Dragon Ball universe.

Goku lives in the mountains and practices martial arts, has supernatural powers, and, as noted during history, is a representative of the species of extraterrestrial humanoids, the Saiyans. 

During the many years of training, he learned a plurality of powerful methods of using Ru energy (latent energy in the body) as well as acquiring great physical strength, ultra-fast reflexes, the ability to fly using Ki and teleportation.

Ned Flanders

Ned was one of the first characters in the animated series “The Simpsons” not to be part of the Simpsons family. 

Since the episode “Simpsons roasting in the fireplace,” he appears regularly in the series.

He has a strong dislike for Judaism and Hinduism, in the episode “Midnight Rx” he compared the worship of Shiva with the request for help from Hawkman (a superhero).

Despite some dislike for other religions, he is sincere in implementing the Christian doctrine of charity, kindness and compassion.

Timmy Turner

10-year-old Timothy Turner received a couple of godparents to fulfill all his wishes. Their names are Cosmo and Wanda. 

Their desires tend to have unpredictable and problematic side effects, and often come back at Timmy’s request at the end of the episode. His interests include comics, video games, cartoons and sports. 

During a time travel, Timmy accidentally arrives on the day his parents moved in with them and discovers they were expecting a baby girl, so he is wearing a pink hat.

Krusty Clown

Krusty the clown is yet another character in the animated series “The Simpsons.”

Despite the outside fun, Krusty’s moral character is far from perfect: he smokes a lot, drinks, smells cocaine at work and loses a lot of money in gambling and betting, which has caused repeated problems with the Springfield mafia.

Krusty is not fond of children and considers them, above all, a source of income.

Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

The main character in the animated series, a mutant magic dog, Finn’s best friend and half brother. It looks like a golden bulldog with big eyes. Jake’s character is calm, he prefers not to worry about anything and follow the flow. It can be difficult for him to concentrate, as he does not want to work on anything.


Batman is one of the superheroes who don’t have superpowers, but uses exclusively his own intelligence and physical aptitude.

He is a master of disguise and often uses the name of the famous gangster Malone Matches to gather information within the criminal community. 

In addition, the character is described as one don’t of the greatest martial masters in the DC Universe, who has successfully opposed many martial masters, such as Lady Shiva, Bronze Tiger and Richard the Dragon.

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