Free diamonds: How to earn gift cards for Google Play through apps

Having lots of diamonds on Free Fire makes it all the more fun. With them you can get several cool items.

If you are a user of the Android system, you know that to buy items on Google Play and online games you need to spend real money, which can be through Credit Card or Gift Cards.

However, many people are unable to add real money on Google Play, either due to lack of money or simply because they don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on these things.

And that’s why we wrote this article to show you the best applications to earn free gift cards.

There are several applications that offer bonuses and cash payments as rewards for some types of tasks. The amounts received can be used in various products in the Play Store .

You have to spend some time answering questionnaires, but you can get paid well from them.

Of course, there is no miracle, but with a little effort and dedication, you can win free Gift Cards.


Application 1: Quize

Quize was launched in 2018 and consists of a question and answer application, with departures made every day of the week, at certain times.

It is a “Game Show” with many participants online. To receive the award, you must answer 15 questions correctly.

As it has several participants simultaneously, the prize is distributed among all participants who answered correctly. If only one participant gets all the correct answers, there will be no prize distribution.

The amounts received can be redeemed using the application’s credit card.


Available for Android and IOS, AppNana is a mobile rewards app that pays you in gift cards and codes.

The rewards are called “lullabies” and you can earn points by downloading and playing the applications indicated by the application.

Therefore, when you can accumulate enough points, it will be possible to redeem for Google Play gift cards.


This application is free and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. It is also a survey application, where the user receives around $ 0.25 for simpler questionnaires.

Surveys that require user travel can provide rewards ranging from $ 5.00 to $ 15.00. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $ 30.00. Amounts received can be redeemed through PayPal. To use the application, follow the steps below:

  • Download the application and click on “I want to register”;
  • Read the instructions in the application and click “Ok, I got it”;
  • On the home page of the application, you can access its main functions;
  • To answer the surveys, click on the location icon;
  • It is possible to make a reservation for the surveys to be able to answer them later;
  • To start responding, simply click “Start Now”;
  • In the clock icon, you can access the history of all answered surveys;
  • To check your accumulated balance and earnings summary, click on the “$” icon;
  • Click on “withdraw” to redeem the amounts received.


InstaGC is also one of the ways to get Google Play gift cards, doing what it normally does.

That way, you can earn points in a number of ways: by watching videos, taking surveys, conducting web searches, shopping online, and more.

But, unlike the others, you only earn 10 points when you sign up, and if you refer a friend there are 110 more points.

In other words, accumulating points is a simple task and you can earn a lot of credit to redeem for Google Play Gift Cards.

So it is a very fast and easy way to earn diamonds in Free Fire.

Google Review Rewards

Google Opinion is another application that provides money in exchange for survey responses. This application has a partnership with several companies that request market research.

The amounts received for surveys may have been redeemed for Google Play gift cards, and may vary between $ 0.02 and $ 0.75 depending on the number of surveys answered.

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This application allows the user to create their own portfolio, with original photos, to be accessed by the platform’s clients. Once the photos are analyzed and approved by the platform, they can be published.

The level of published photos increases as customers download them. The higher the level, the higher the value obtained by the photographer.


To earn money with this application you need to perform some tasks and download applications and games. The interface of MintCoins is simple, but it only has the English language.

To use the application you need to register, entering email and password. Through the option » Offers «, it is possible to have access to the tasks to be carried out.

The award varies depending on the task chosen. You can get paid to watch videos and download different types of games. The minimum redemption amount is $ 1 USD.

Earn money

This application offers rewards for certain tasks that accumulate points. Accumulated points can be redeemed for coupons ranging from $ 5 to $ 50.

When downloading and registering in the application, you can enter the code received from a friend (if you received it from someone). If you don’t have any code, just click ‘start’.

Make Money offers 30 coins for the first access. From that moment on, the user can start performing the available tasks. It is also possible to receive a daily prize of 20 coins.


FunX was released in 2019 and is a free game available for Android and iOS devices. It is basically a casino, where players can play in different modes such as playing cards, slots, and scratch cards.

Prizes can be redeemed through a PayPal account, any amount can be redeemed. You must play in the application to accumulate coins and exchange them for cash prizes.

Win more

This app is only available for Android devices. The game was developed and launched by Brazilians in 2019. It develops partnerships with large companies.

You can receive rewards ( points ) for completing tasks available in the application, such as taking surveys and playing guessing games. It is also possible to receive rewards at the same time, through scratch cards.

Prizes range from mobile recharges, access to magazine clubs, internet packages, and discount coupons for various stores. The award can be chosen upon redemption, in the official app store.

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