25 animals whose beards will impress everyone

1-Black cuxiú

The Cuxiú-preto has one of the largest beards in the animal kingdom. His beautiful beard grows from jaw to chest.

This little hipster has a ponytail that surprisingly is thicker than his impressive hipster beard. 

2-Markhor – The goat with big horns

This beautiful animal of Pakistani nationality lives throughout the southern part of Central Asia. Markhor’s beard grows thick: on his chin, throat and chest. And its large, coiled horns make it look even more pleasant.


Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans are found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Our furry, distant relatives have one of the most perfect beards in the animal kingdom.

4-Bactrian Camel

Although it is believed that the first ancestors of Bactrian Camel were found in North America, today we no longer find them on the American continent. 

Today, modern camels can be called bactrian camels. His mane and beard grow to 25 centimeters in length.

5-Emperor marmoset

This is a primate that lives in the southwest region of the Amazon basin. His name is Imperial Tamarin. As much as they don’t live in a cool city, they are trendsetters when it comes to having a cool beard.

6-Capricornis crispus

This beautiful little animal is a bovine mammal with an incredibly thick fur. He is the national symbol of Japan. Although it may appear that he has a Charles Darwin-style beard, he does not actually have a mane. That is how your hair grows.


Although the walrus is not the cutest animal in the world, it has a very thick mustache, known as “vibrissae.” The vibrissae are sensitive and very long. In some cases it can reach 30 centimeters in length.

8-Bearded Pig

The bearded pig is a wild animal that lives in the territory of Malaysia and Indonesia with its fur-covered chin.

Thanks to its somewhat different snout, this animal is popular in zoos around the world.

9-Musk ox

In the Arctic regions we can find the Musk Ox. His thick beard serves to help him keep warm, and his top layer has long hair that almost reaches the floor.


This beautiful little animal is an African antelope with a thick neck and long hair that grows over it. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful animals in the savanna.


The most famous fish with a mustache, the catfish has beautiful antennae that grow around the nose, chin and mouth. With these antennae, fish can find food, it’s their sense.

12-Old World Pigs

Reddish brown hair, hairy ears and cisterns are characteristic of the Eared Pig, found throughout West and Central Africa.

13-Iberian lynx

This little animal is easily recognizable by its beard. As if they were split in two.

The Iberian lynx is a very specialized hunter and has certain adaptations that improve its ability to capture and kill small prey.

14- Marmoset-Oedipus

His short mustache is quite distinct. But it is your hair on your head that creates your “charm.”

It is one of the rarest creatures in the world, and its population is only 6,000.

Fortunately, there are many efforts to help and protect this magnificent creature.

15-Brussels Griffon

It has been almost extinct since World War II. These puppies of the Brussels Griffon breed have one of the most impressive furry beards of all of man’s best friends.

16-Arabitragus jayakari

He belongs to the goat family. He is one of the smallest, and has an impressive beard. The animal is strong with horns arched back in both sexes. Males are much more robust than females. Their coats consist of long auburn hair with a dark streak running down the back.


No list of animals with the most impressive beards is complete without mentioning lions. 

Only males have the habit of sporting a beautiful and impressive mane that can change with temperature and testosterone production.

They say that the healthier a lion is, the darker and thicker its mane.

18-Nubian ibex

The most beautiful goatee on our list, which will make even the most modern hipster jealous belongs to the Nubian Ibex.

Found in the Middle East and North Africa, this mountain goat has horns that can reach up to one meter in length.

Even more impressive is its long goatee.

19-Asian Buffalo

Some people take a long time to repair their beards. And this is a problem that common Asian buffaloes share with them.

Today, they are among the most important animals on Earth, helping humans more than any other domestic animal.

20- White-tailed wildebeest

Although most of the animals on this list are fashionable classics, white-tailed wildebeests can be classified as rebels. His long beards appear to have been pulled and fixed with hair gel.


These beautiful animals whose native land is Tibet are used by people for various purposes, including to farm the land, produce milk and so on.

Their distinct beards start at the neck and continue along the entire torso, until the bushy tail.

22- Red-breasted bearded

They can be found in the tropics of West Africa. Its distinguishing feature is the black feathers with bristles at the base of the beak.


These animals are bred specifically because of wool. Alpaca took animal fashion to a new level, showing off its thick chops. Alpaca is grown to shear wool from which blankets are made, and warm, soft clothing.

24-Bearded Dragon

Sharp-looking pointed scales on the chin, throat and all over the body make this bearded animal more “brutal” on our list. The bearded dragon is the common name of the reptile genus in Australia. Its natural habitats are savannas, forests and arid regions.


Found on the coast of Peru and Chile, Inca Tern has one of the coolest, most recognizable and most modern whiskers on that list.

With a beautiful contrast of gray plumage, red beak and yellow cheeks, this seabird’s curly white beard makes him look like a real person.

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