These prisons are incredibly comfortable

1-Milburn Prison – New Zealand

Here prisoners spend time in luxurious conditions. Their cells look like teenagers’ rooms.

In the service of prisoners here, medical care is no worse than outside. There is even a library and other benefits.

2-Bastoey Prison – Norway

This prison is located in the middle of an island, and looks more like a community. It consists of 80 buildings, roads, and even a beach.

In it, prisoners can have their own cultural landscape, a small forest, and their own farm.

Many criticize the good conditions of the prison, after all, it contains murderers and other types of criminals. But on the other hand, the rate of recidivism in it is one of the lowest in Europe.

3-Prison in Halden – Norway

Opened in 2010, this maximum security prison was designed to simulate life outside the prison. According to the Norwegian authorities, this way rehabilitation is more efficient.

Inmates are free to play sports, listen to music in cells or in the lounge and communicate with unarmed guards.

4-Prison in Oslo – Norway

It is in this prison that Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011 is serving his 21-year sentence.

In this prison, politics also tries to imitate external conditions as much as possible. 

In Breivik’s cell, there are three rooms, namely, a bedroom, an office and a room with sports equipment. In addition, it has a TV with video games. A refrigerator and a computer.

5-Prison in Vienhusen – Netherlands

Here, inmates have at their disposal not only comfortable furniture, but also a fridge, a TV and a private bathroom.

Due to the excess of prisoners in Norway, the Netherlands accepts prisoners from the neighboring country as part of a cooperation agreement.

Norwegian prisoners refuse to stay in prisons in other countries due to uncomfortable conditions.

6-Prison in Aranjuez – Spain

Here, the prisoner is allowed to take children, who spend time with them in a room created especially for this purpose. Where the walls are decorated with Disney characters.

The idea is that children do not realize that their parents are behind bars. It works.

7-Lothian – Scotland

This prison has an educational bias and, through training, prisoners are helped understand how they became criminals and enter the rehabilitation process.

Inmates are constantly consulted, and meditations on nature play a special role in the sentence process.

8-Cebu prison – Philippines

This prison is focused on dance. In it, women dance all day and then participate in cultural events.  

At some point, prison officials even recorded videos showing what was going on, and these videos became very popular in the Philippines. With that, now Cebu has its own stars.

9-Onomichi Prison – Japan

As the country’s population ages, increasingly older people among criminals appear. This prison is especially for them. Here they live their last days, eat soft foods, knit, and sewing.

10-Landberg Prison – Germany

This is a progressive prison where inmates can choose from more than 30 courses at a local training center.

There they can obtain the profession of electrician, baker, artist, butcher, carpenter and so on.

After they are released, they all get jobs.

11-Luzira Prison, Uganda

In other times, this prison would be considered one of the worst in the world. A terrible place . . . But things have changed.

Now it has a special order, a certain kind of democracy.

The prisoners themselves choose what to do.

Someone studies, someone dedicates to gardening, and someone plays soccer.

As a result, the relapse rate is very low, being less than 30%.

12-Columbia Women’s Prison – San Diego

Women can feel free every night in this prison. They can transform the prison into a gastronomic paradise. Someone becomes a cook, someone works as a waitress, and someone takes care of washing the dishes. 

There are 205 inmates in this prison, so 25 of them take turns each night to prepare food for the other 180.

13-Ramla Prison – Israel

Here is the only prison for women in Israel. In it, the candles are 12 square meters and each has its own bathroom and shower.

There are 5-6 prisoners per cell.

14-San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

This is a different prison. It is not watched by the police but by civilian mercenaries.

In it, prisoners determine the orders, and usually resolve all disagreements by killing those responsible.

The prison is divided into two parts. They being: The elite and the rest. 

As you may have guessed, the elite are home to the most privileged prisoners. They have cable TV, bathroom and kitchen available. 

Furthermore, it is the elite who determine the price at which a detainee can move from one cell to another more comfortable.

15 – “San Quentin” prison – USA

It is the oldest prison in California and is where Charles Manson was located.

The prison was constantly expanding and in 2001 it was recognized as the largest in the entire Western Hemisphere. 

It is worth noting that the largest number of prisoners sentenced to death remain in this prison.

16-Colorado Prison, USA

This prison was created to receive especially dangerous criminals, who cannot stay in an ordinary American prison.

In it, prisoners are in solitary confinement and do not communicate with anyone for 23 h.

In the remaining 1 h, they can warm up, bathe, or talk to someone.

17-Black Dolphin – Russia

Each detainee in this prison has an average of 5 dead. Trapped in iron cages, they cannot play sports, sleep during the day or speak loudly.

Through the corridors, prisoners move bent over and with folded arms. The only way out of this prison is to die.

18-Loeben – Austria

Here are prisoners whose crimes are related to violence.

Thieves and swindlers live in comfortable rooms with a private bathroom, TV and a small kitchen.

In their free time, they can stroll in the park or play basketball.

19-Sollentuna – Sweden

Another prison where life seems to go normally for inmates.

A cozy room, a gym, a common room with TVs and a quiet life, far from the rest of the world.

20-Vestre – Denmark

Vestre was an old dungeon built in the 19th century. However, a lot has happened, and today it is a prison that has become an ultra-modern complex for comfortable living. In it, prisoners can have everything, only alcohol is prohibited.

These are the 20 most comfortable prisons in the world selected by our team. There are probably others, but we will leave it for a future article, so follow along and keep following our site.

The prisons mentioned are really incredible, and I confess that even in me it makes me feel like spending a vacation season in some of them. However, freedom is better than any luxurious prison, so behave yourself.


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