These are the 30 most beautiful places on earth

In our vast land, there are many beautiful places. For some tourists, these places are more or less accessible. While other residents, especially those in developed countries, can only dream of traveling. So, shall we dream together?

1-Colored Dunes, California, USA

The colored dunes are colored fields of pumice, located in Northern California in the United States.

These fields are formed by the oxidation of volcanic ash. 

The park spreads its beautiful volcanoes in the most abandoned part of California. 

The easiest way to get there is via Seattle or Los Angeles via any type of land or air transport.

2-Red Beach, China

The red beach is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in China, and is located in the Shuantai Hekou National Reserve.

The bright color of the coast is thanks to seaweed, which dies in the first week of September, painting the river in rich colors.

These beautiful landscapes are not available all the time, but only for a few weeks of the year: in April it blooms, in May it acquires a greenish hue, and a bloody scarlet in late summer.

3-Cave of Crystals, Mexico

In Mexico, in 2002, a very interesting curiosity was discovered. 

Miners accidentally discovered the crystal caves. The 300-meter depression contains crystalline growths with sharp layers, some of which resemble a shark’s mouth. The largest one weighs 55 tons.

All liquid are pumped out of the cave to prevent flooding.

4-Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This is a dry salt lake located in southeastern Bolivia. The inhabitants of the region tell a beautiful story about the birth of the Uyuni marsh. It is in the middle of the Kusku, Kuzina and Tunupa mountain ranges. They believe that these mountains were once giant people.

5-Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

In Croatia, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The national reserve park, where Plitvice lakes are located, which cover an area of ​​300 square meters.

The park is on the Korana River in the Dinaric Highlands valley. The main task of the reserve is to preserve the fauna, landscape and the unique vegetation.

6-Dry Valleys, Antarctica

In theory, the driest deserts should be in countries with hot climates. But it is not really so.

There are some valleys in Antarctica where it has not rain for over 2 million years.

This dry area without ice covers an area of ​​8,000 km. This is despite Lake Vida and the longest river in Antarctica, known as Onyx, being very close.

 7-Great Blue Hole, Belize

A huge sinkhole is located in the center of the Lighthouse Reef, an atoll within the Belize Barrier Reef.

This natural miracle has a diameter of 305 meters and reaches a depth of 120 meters.

The site annually attracts a large number of divers from around the world.

8-The rocks of Kasha Katuwe, New Mexico

This unusual rock formation formed by volcanic ash, erosion and weathering. It is in New Mexico, and is about seven million years old. 

These rocks have a very interesting altitude range, which reaches 30 meters in height with pointed peaks.

9-Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

The Fingal Cave has several geometric columns that resemble the giant sidewalks in Ireland.

This sea cave is located on the Isle Staffa, which is part of Scotland.

While not even small boats can enter the cave, many local companies offer tours of the area.

10-The Valley of Moving Stones, USA, California

In California, there is a real interesting geological phenomenon. World scientists are still struggling to study it. 

This is a valley of moving or crawling stones. Incredibly, in this area, large stones move slowly over a perfectly straight and flat clay surface, leaving a long trail behind.

11-Pink lake, Senegal

This lake has an incredible pink. It is a unique salt lake, whose color changes depending on the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays. In its saline concentration, the lake even surpasses the famous Dead Sea, however, it is not possible to lie in it because in a few minutes, the salt begins corroding the skin.

12-Song Dong Stalagmites Cave, Vietnam

This cave is not only unique for its size, which is quite large, but also for its climate. The underground queen has her own jungle, clouds, rivers and local people. 

And also many stalactites and stalagmites. The largest cave in the world.

13-Manpupuner, Komi, Russia

This geological monument is located in the Republic of Komi and represents 7 stone giants, 39 to 42 meters high.

In ancient times, shamans performed rituals near the pillars and believed that spirits lived on the plateau.

According to visitors, the serene energy is felt in the statues. For preservation, the number of visits has been reduced to 4 times a month. 

14-Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The stained lake is long revered by the Indians and it is easy to ascertain why they consider it sacred.

In the summer part of the lake water evaporates, as a result of which small colored mineral patches are formed, which you can walk on.

This lake contains the largest number of minerals in the world.

15-Halong Bay, Vietnam

In the Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea, Halong Bay is located. 

It includes more than 3000 islands, in addition to rocks, caves and cliffs, making it one of the most extraordinary places in the world. 

Most islands are insignificant, however, the largest ones have their own inland lakes.

16-Antelope Canyon, USA

This is a magical and mysterious place that only nature itself could have created. It is located near the American city of Page, Arizona.

Antelope Canyon has this name due to the unusual color of the crevices, which resembles the reddish-red color of this animal. 

17-Arizona Wave, USA

To visit this incredible place, tourists must walk for several hours in the desert.

These undulating surfaces are composed of Jurassic sand.

According to scientists, the age of the sand that makes up the waves is about 190 million years.

It may be hard to imagine, but in those distant times, when there were still no people on the land, that sand was part of the dunes. 

The best season to visit the “Arisona Wave” is spring.

18-Erebus Volcano, Antarctica.

Erebus is the personification of the god of eternal darkness, born out of Chaos with his sister Nyukta – at night, this in Greek mythology.

So, the name Erebus is the most suitable for this volcano, it is located in the polar zone of the night and is surrounded by several kilometers of ice fields.

19The Giants Trail, Northern Ireland

Next to the Atlantic Ocean we find the trail of the Giants. It is one of the strangest natural wonders. 

It has approximately 40,000 columns, most of them with six faces.

It took almost 60 million years to create this cooled magma site. Scientists believe that it took on its current form some 15,000 years ago, after the last ice age.

20-Witomo, New Zealand

The Waitomo area of ​​New Zealand has an impressive limestone caves that are unique in that they sparkle and shine thanks to the millions of fireflies that inhabit the underground labyrinths.

These small insects emit phosphorescent light, which creates unusual light installations. This type of firefly lives only in New Zealand.

21-Socotra Island, Yemen

This island, in Yemen, is little explored and isolated from the Indian Ocean. Alien landscapes, and other rare representatives of flora and fauna await you here.

22-Allol Volcano, Ethiopia

This is the lowest volcano in the world, located 48 meters below sea level and with a diameter of 1450 m. It was formed over 900 million years ago.

The average annual temperature is also unique. In the 60s of the 20th century, it was 34 ° Celsius, which remains the maximum annual average temperature.

23-Kyushu Island, Japan

On this Japanese island, there is a hot spring called “demonic.”

In the city of Beppu, there are 9 of them, but only 7 are open to tourists.

The frightening color of the reservoir is due to the high iron content.

In addition, boiling water is released every 35 – 40 min.

24-Lake Natron Tanzania

Are you looking for one of the strangest places in the world? How about this scary lake?

The animals killed in it are transformed into statues by calcification.

The presence of large volumes of sodium bicarbonate ensures that all organisms that died in the lake are transformed into mummies.

25-Hot Springs, Pamukkale, Turkey

For many years people bathed in these warm, mineral-rich waters.

Frozen pools and waterfalls form cliffs of varying levels. In the spring, water is rich in calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. 

26-Hitachi National Park, Japan

In Hitatinaka, in Ibaraki province, this amazing flower park is located.

Not long ago he appeared, in the old days, in his place there was a United States military base.

Currently, more than 4 million forget-me-nots bloom in the park’s fields simultaneously, and is fascinating.

In addition to these flower fields, the park has a swimming pool and several attractions for children. You can even rent a bike and take an exciting trip through Hitachi’s countryside.

27-Chocolate Hills, Philippines

By P199 – Own work

These hills, called chocolate hills, are located on Bohol Island in the Philippines. There are more than 1200 hills covered with vegetation in this area.

28-Rice Terraces, Philippines

Twenty years ago, this artificial beauty of human hands was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And today, rice terraces are a vivid example of how nature helps a person with due respect for themselves.

The most interesting thing about these rice terraces is that they were all made by man and entirely by hand. 

29-White Shirt, Iceland

Some people believe that this rock has the appearance of a dinosaur, others say that it is a dragon, and still others claim that it is a type of monster.

Nevertheless, this natural formation attracts many people who come to the north of the Watnsne Peninsula to see this “dinosaur in the well.”

Translated from Icelandic, the word Hvitserkur means white shirt.

30-A fishing village in China

China has a very strange abandoned village, which attracts many tourists every year.

At one time, fisherfolk lived here, and since then the settlement started to grow with grass and jungle, and slowly turned into a green kingdom.

These were some of the most beautiful places on earth, I hope you enjoyed it. Soon, we will bring a new collection with new landscapes and beautiful places.

Thanks for listening. Travel, live, and love.

Source: Yandex

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