These are the ugliest cars ever made (+20 Photos)

Many people treat their cars like living things, talk to them, give names. They are loved and sometimes hated. And in life, everything is learned based on comparison, and without ugliness, it is impossible to know beauty. 

So, in this article we will show you the most terrible cars in the history of the automotive industry. 

Bearing in mind that there is no basic criterion for defining a car as “ugly,” then, maybe you like one of the cars, and even find it beautiful. Ready?

1-Toyota Will Vi

There are drivers who hate cars. But they are forced to endure these modern modes of transport due to poor performance of public transportation. 

Toyota decided to make a car specifically for those who hate cars. The stroller was born in 2000 under the name of Will Vi and was distinguished by phenomenal reliability. 

However, it only lasted a few years on the assembly line. In 2002, Toyota launched a replacement with a more pleasant design.

2 – SsangYong Rodius

The designers of SsangYong Rodius were inspired by ocean yachts, but they did not get a good result.

The car was very strange, but oddly enough, people liked it. Rodius was a sales hit in the early the 21st century. 

3-Marcos Mantis

The Mantis was designed in 1971, especially to enter the American market.

It was wider than the normal sports coupe, had a tubular frame, an elongated wheelbase, very wide front pillars, absurdly different side windows, very tall front fenders with rectangular headlights. At the time, this car had only 33 sales and lasted only one year on the market.

4 – Aston Martin Bulldog

In its search for exclusivity, Aston Martin decided to create a futuristic model, but exaggerated a little. Looking at the car, it looks like it was made of cardboard. Manufacturers planned to release 25 copies, but no one was eager to buy such an ugly car, even though it was from a famous brand. 

As a result, only one Bulldog was produced and sold for a private collection.

5 – Edsel willager

According to experts and car enthusiasts, Edsel cars have become Ford Corporation’s most disastrous project. 

Poor build quality, vague positioning and poor design led to failure. 

And so, in 1960, with less than two years old, the design of the Edsel Willager machine was ended.

6 – Lightburn zeta

It is difficult to determine which is the ugliest car in the world, but the Lightburn company idea can definitely be on the list of the ugliest cars.

Probably the company that developed this model specialized in the production of concrete mixers and washing machines, so nobody was surprised by such a strange design on the car. 

In order not to seriously harm those who appreciate its beauty, this car was produced for only two years: it started in 1963 and was discontinued in 1965.

7 – Pontiac Aztek

The shape of the body resembles an iron, a large iron. And this car was launched as SUV and minivan for a family vacation. 

It was produced in Mexico and the first copy hit the road in 2001. The sporty front panel looks bulky and strange.

Sales in the United States failed, but despite this, the model came to the cinema as a vehicle for the protagonist of the Breaking Bad series.

8-Covini C6W

The six-wheel supercar from Italian manufacturers cannot be excluded of our list either.

The C6W model was introduced in 2012, although development has been underway since the mid-1970s.

The car has good cross-country skills, but it looks a little scary.

9 – Sebring-Vanguard CityCar

In evaluations of ugly models of minicars from Florida manufacturers, this ranks first, or at least is among the top five.

The designers probably used electric golf course cars as inspiration, and created them for city streets. 

The model went into mass production and was produced for three years from 1974.

10-Nissan Hub

Nissan’s “cube” turned out to be almost the right way. However, most people did not like the nonstandard exterior. A square body, oval glass and an almost vertical fifth door – what is it?

Itis like throwing beans, sweets and ketchup spices into a soup.

11 – Aston Martin Lagonda

The “ugly duckling” of the wonderful family of Aston Martin cars appeared on the roads in the mid-1970s. 

Pursuing fashion trends, design engineers clearly exaggerated. The result is an incredibly elongated body, narrow headlights and an uncomfortable angled interior. 

For the first time, they tried using an on-board computer in the model, but expensive electrical equipment, which, moreover, constantly broke down, scared buyers.


The goddess of dawn in ancient Rome, seeing this car with the same name, may have been surprised by its surreal appearance.

Aurora was created by Catholic priest Alfred Giuliano, who was a stylist in his youth, and did not even leave the profession with his cassock. 

Dreaming of creating a safe car, he spent all of his money and even went into the church cashier. The project failed miserably. The inventor was placed behind bars and the only copy of his “miracle” is at the British Bewley Museum.

13 – Honda insight

From 1999 to 2014, Honda produced this hybrid car that looked more like a flat plate. 

Manufacturers focused on the body’s efficiency and aerodynamics, which is why such an unusual design came about. 

14-Peel P 50

The smallest mass-produced car, the Peel P 50, was produced on the assembly lines from 1961 to 1963. 

The microcar proved to be quite strange and its dimensions are so small that it can be taken into an apartment in a freight elevator. 

The designers thought about and resumed production in 2011. 

Such a miracle in the automotive industry is equipped with an electric motor and a traditional motor.

15-Nano Tata

This car, which looks like a large beetle, was produced in India. 

Immediately impressive is the proportional disparity in the body and wheels. 

The development of the project started in 2003, and the designers were invited from Italy. But Indian manufacturers can be proud of the fact that they made the cheapest car in the world.

16-Long Changfeng

We can’t imagine what motivated Chinese designers to create such a strange car. 

Not only does the rhomboid shape of the body scare, but also the cut lines. The rear wheels are visible, but the front wheels are hidden under the long nose. 

No matter how much you criticize domestic manufacturers, Chinese “punctuated” can receive the ugliest car award of our time. 

17-Citroen Ami 

In 1961, the French company Citroen decided to launch a new car with creative design. The resulting model looked strange as if it had been assembled from parts of other cars. 

Amazingly, in Citroen’s homeland, France, sales of Ami were very successful, but in other countries this model was unsought after. 

In 1969, designers changed the look of the car, making it more familiar.

18 – Bond Bug

This model was launched in 1974. It is not always classified as a car. The small three-wheeled two-seater has a 29-horsepower engine and suspended doors. 

The Bug weighs just under 400 kg and is capable of accelerating up to 126 km / h. 

When designing the car, they tried adding all the elements that were in fashion at the time: a lowered windshield, a plastic body, a low silhouette. The resulting machine looks like a clumsy duckling. 

19-Nissan S-Cargo

This car from the Japanese company looks like a cartoon snail. Strange and unusual headlights, a semicircular front and a sloped rear make it awkward and awkward. In total, approximately 12,000 of these cars were produced. Despite the lack of attractiveness, the model was widely used to deliver various fast foods.

20-Fiat Multipla 

In the late 90s of the last century, Fiat presented a new car with original design. 

The three rows of headlights located across the front of the car looked especially strange. 

The disharmony in the look of the car was also introduced by an incomprehensible fold in the junction of the windshield and the hood.

In 2010, a new generation of this model was launched, which also did not win the love and recognition of buyers. 

21 – Toyota Scion XB 

The Japanese car was produced by Scion, a Toyota subsidiary, and lasted only five years. 

The emergence of the model caused much controversy. But, Americans liked the brutal, high-quality car. 

Buyers in other countries often compare the car’s design to a trunk or Lego. 

The square shape, the small wheels, the bulldog-like front and the bulky body made it possible to speak of the car as a parody of a normal car. 

22-AMC Pacer

To finish off our list, another car from the United States of America is remarkable for its strange and incomprehensible design. The car turned out to be surprisingly unsuccessful in technical and design terms.

Despite its ugly appearance, the car was bought by more than 250,000 people. These are probably sea voyage fans who imagine themselves not in a car, but in an underwater bathyscaphe studying the seabed.

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