Discover the wealth of the richest celebrities in the world

Robert Downey Jr.

The most popular role he played was Tony Stark, who he has played in several Marvel films. 

Thanks to Iron Man, Robert was included in the list of highest-paid actors in recent years. Today his fortune is approximately $300 million . 

The films “Sherlock Holmes” and “Gothic” also helped accumulate it. 

Mia Wasikowska 

Mia quickly entered the world of cinema in 2010 when she played Alice’s role in the film “Alice in Wonderland.” 

The film managed to raise almost 1 billion dollars worldwide, and greatly contributed to the financial condition of the aspiring actress. 

In addition, Mia herself has a degree in finance, which allows her to increase her income by investing in stocks. 

According to analysts, his fortune is about $275 million.

Olsen twins

Film roles did not bring much money to the girls. In childhood and adolescence, they could earn a little acting in the films “Passport to Paris” and “Moments of New York.” 

However, it was with the investment in their own production and sale network of clothes and cosmetics that they accumulated their fortunes, which today is estimated at $300 million.

Will Smith

Approximately ten years ago, Will Smith had 10 consecutive films that grossed more than $100 million at the box office. 

The actor not only chooses projects successfully but also invests in business. 

Today he owns $300 million, but that is not the limit for him. He recently started a partnership with Netflix, and this is likely to increase his profits.

Jessica Alba

The actress earns income not only from making films. She is the co-founder of a successful company that makes nontoxic products. 

Its stake is estimated at $200–250 million, and the overall fortune is $340 million.

Jackie Chan

This martial arts guru and owner of an honorary Oscar made good profits from almost all of his films. In 2017, Jackie spent a large amount of money to buy an expensive yacht, which was made especially for him by Chinese artisans. 

His fortune is 400 million dollars, so he can pay.

Adam Sandler

Adam is a man who loves to appear on the red carpet in shorts and is also one of the richest actors in Hollywood. Furthermore, although his films have low critical ratings, they have good box office numbers. Adam now owns $350 million.

Keanu Reeves

Reeves’ films include dozens of truly memorable roles. The secret of his wealth is simple: the actor has a stable income, but at the same time leads a simple life.

His fortune is estimated at $350 million. 

In addition, he donated much of his funds to charities. 

Clint Eastwood

Eastwood became famous almost half a century ago, starring in Westerns, action movies and hit dramas. And for some time he was also a director. His projects have not always been successful financially, but he has managed to earn more than $370 million in his lifetime.

Clint also won four Oscars.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone is the best boxer in the world and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s main rival. He made a fortune ($400 million) by acting and directing films. However, Sylvester considers his daughters the most important wealth. 

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby became the first black actor to land a role in a drama series in the 1960s. It became his most important achievement. Subsequently, the actor created his own empire, which includes comedy TV shows that brought him enormous wealth ($400 million). 

However, his condition has been seriously shaken by recent allegations of sexual harassment. 

Jack Nicholson

Jack has tremendous charisma, several successful projects and three Oscars. 

It is even surprising that Nicholson did not become the richest actor on our list. 

Perhaps his fortune ($400 million) has been negatively influenced by his retirement from cinema in recent years. 

Or maybe because he always liked to spend a lot on buying works of art.

In one way or another, few people know how the actor lives today, since he hardly appears in the cinema and does not appear in society.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a talented person who not only plays the leading roles in successful films but also directs, produces and writes scripts for them. 

Its main feature is that it creates low budget films, which earn a lot of money. 

Thanks to this talent, he managed to accumulate $400 million and create his own media empire. Today it has more than 1 billion dollars.

Mel Gibson

Gibson’s debut film, Mad Max, which grossed more than $ 100 million with a budget of 350,000, helped Gibson make a huge fortune. Since then, his income has only grown. However, also expenses. 

Today, for example, he owns his own island in the Pacific Ocean. And his fortune is estimated at $425 million.

Johnny Depp

Depp started his career starring in The Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). 

However, Johnny earned the most revenue from his famous roles as Captain Jack Sparrow and the Hatter, which earned him more than $100 million. 

Generally, Depp is considered to be one of the highest grossing actors – films with his participation have grossed more than $8 billion worldwide. Johnny currently owns 440 million dollars.

Not long ago, Depp was removed from the cinema due to legal problems with his ex-wife, and fans have been petitioning for his return.

Tom Hanks

In the late 90s, it took Hanks just 5–6 years to make not only a fortune but also several iconic roles. He managed to win two consecutive Oscars and then devoted himself to creating his own projects. Hanks now owns $700 million

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is often the center of media attention when it comes to discussing actor fees. It is believed that he is making money not only for himself but also for the Church of Scientology. And he can pay because his fortune is $570 million. 

Shahrukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is the most famous Indian actor, known as the “Bollywood” king in his native country. He started his film career in the early 90s and during that time managed to appear in more than 50 films. His fortune ($600 million) was significantly increased through advertising to companies. 

Khan has his own production company and a successful cricket team in the Indian Premier League.

Jerry Seinfeld

Surprisingly, the richest actors are not always the most famous. Seinfeld began his career as a comedian in New York clubs in the 1970s. In 1989, he created the series Seinfeld. 

The project lasted 9 seasons and its ending was watched by more than 75 million people. 

For each episode of the series, the actor received $1 million. Jerry’s other projects have also been successful. 

Even now, having almost $860 million, he continues to release films and perform on stage. 

Source: Fb

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