We found 53 rare photos from World War II, check it out

The second world war occurred from 1939 to 1945. Those were difficult years, we have already seen representations in films, and some pictures in the History book.

Today we are going to show you a series of real photos from the time, showing how those times were, and how people lived.

This collection shows only a fraction of the many wartime photographs that can be found.

They can open their eyes to the real events that happened in those years.

Are you ready?

Photo 1

German soldiers are resting in Crimea. Taken in 1942.

During World War II, Crimea was the subject of a confrontation between the USSR and Nazi Germany. The Soviet leadership symbolized it as an unsinkable ship in the Black Sea. 

Photo 2

Polar regions in 1942. Soviet soldiers pulled by a dog ​​sled, are installing a telephone line in the Arctic tundra.

Photo 3

First trip to school on the liberated village street. 1943, Rzhev region.

Photo 4 

A Ukrainian girl offers a watermelon to a Soviet soldier.

Photo 5

The beginning of the war in winter.

Photo 6

The reconstruction of buildings after the liberation of Stalingrad.

Photo 7

A Soviet sniper armed with a Tokarev SVT-40 self-loading rifle with a 3.5x PU sight in a position near Stalingrad. January 1943. 

Photo 8

This photo shows the Pope Benedict XVI. However, for some time, this image could be found cropped, as if the priest had been giving a Nazi salute.

Photo 9

Soviet soldiers hear a man playing an accordion, sitting on a street in Berlin.

Photo 10

The funeral of officers and sailors of the American aircraft carrier Intrepid on November 26, 1944.

The aircraft carrier was attacked by two Japanese kamikaze. The ship’s fire was contained, but in the end 65 people died.

Photo 11

Barricades in Paris, August 1944. The French expect the help of General Leclerc’s soldiers.

Photo 12

Aldegonda Elizaveta, 33, was arrested for cooperating with Germany’s special services. The woman was arrested after the liberation of the Netherlands and sent to prison.

Photo 13

April 1945. Seelow Heights, Germany. Wounded soldiers are evacuated on dog sleds.

Photo 14

April or May 1945. Germany.

Photo 15

May 1945 Berlin.

Photo 16

May 1945 Berlin. An artist from the Grekov studio makes a sketch.

Photo 17

May 20, 1945. Berlin, near the Reichstag. Ceremony of solemnly sending the Victory Flag to Moscow.

Photo 18

1934, city of Bückeburg. Great demonstration to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, which was attended by 700 thousand people.

Photo 19

Pilot Boris Eremin boasts on board the Yak-1B fighter.

In March 1942, Boris Eremin commanded a squadron and conducted a heroic air battle “7 against 25,” for which he was awarded the Order of the Red Flag.

Photo 20

December 7, 1941. The battleship Arizona, which was sunk after the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor.

Photo 21

London. The boy was left alone in the ruins of his home after being hit by a German V-2 rocket. The child’s parents died.

Photo 22 

Moscow. March of the captured Germans. Ahead are 19 fascist generals, followed by thousands of captured soldiers.

Picture – 23

May 1945 Berlin. On the roof of the Reichstag, Mikhail Yegorov and Meliton Kantaria raise the Victory Flag.

Photo 24

August 8, 1944. The burial of an American pilot. The grave was made with machine gun cartridges from his P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft.

Photo 25

Victory parade. In the center, Major General Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. He was the head of the political department of the 4th Ukrainian Front during the war.

Photo 26

Soviet snipers. They are holding Mosin sniper rifles with reduced telescopic sights.

Photo 27

The sunken cruiser “Chervona Ukraine,” Sevastopol.

Photo 28

Year 1945. Concentration camp wedding rings. 

Photo 29

Yakov, Stalin’s eldest son, taken prisoner. 

When the Germans offered to exchange Jacob for Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus, Stalin refused, saying that he would not exchange a Field Marshal for an ordinary soldier. Then, Yakov was shot.

Photo 30

1941. A German soldier share food with a Russian woman with a child.

Photo 31

1942, near Stalingrad. German soldiers are going straight to hell, many of them will be dead in the spring.

Photo 32

Soviet and American soldiers are photographed together. Shortly after the victory, a cold war broke out between the USSR and the United States, and there were no more pictures of this type.

Photo 33

Taken in 1943. Soviet soldiers having lunch.

Photo 34

To everyone’s surprise, these photos were found randomly at a flea market. (Something like a fair)

Photo 35

The seller of these historic photos did not really know what was shown on them. 

He only knew they were pictures from World War II.

Photo 36

In these photos you can see the inhabitants of Germany from an unexpected angle for us – in everyday life.

Photo 37

These photos taken from 1941–45, show a typical Austrian family.

Photo 38

Although the war had already wiped out all of Europe, the inhabitants of Austria had no idea how it could end. They continued to celebrate, walk and have fun.

Photo 39

Here are some ordinary young people who have fun on the beach and forget about the war.

Photo 40

We will also show you other photos collected from different sources. For example, this is a photo of the arrested Stalin, dated 1911. By the way, he spent 8 months in prison, then became a woman and escaped.

Photo 41

A Soviet soldier accompanies a captured German. End of the battle of Stalingrad.

Photo 42

A member of the resistance movement, known by the alias Nicole Mine. France, 1944.

Photo 43

The German army’s attack on Moscow. Year 1941.

Photo 44

Column of Soviet prisoners of war. 1941.

Photo 45

German soldiers surrender after the Battle of Moscow. Winter of 1942.

Photo 46

A Soviet soldier is feeding an owl.

Photo 47

Dresden residents dismantle the rubble of the house.

Photo 48

The first day after the surrender. Soldiers of the Soviet army talk to German women in Berlin.

Photo 49

Residents of a destroyed apartment in Leningrad.

Photo 50

Students on a walk. Year 1944.

Photo 51

Non-children’s games.

Photo 52

Young scout Viktor Zhaivoronok, who voluntarily participated in the battle for Dnepropetrovsk.

Photo 53

The ruins of the city of Hiroshima, a month after the nuclear bomb was dropped on it.

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