5 signs that may indicate the onset of depression

Unfortunately, depression is still one of the diseases that most attack people, especially today.

Thus, it is a disease that is still quite complicated to be diagnosed, but that requires intensive treatment in these cases.

However, one of the first steps to detect a possible beginning is self-diagnosis, with some signs that may indicate it.

Therefore, in this article, we will mention the 5 main signs that may indicate the beginning of a possible depression, and thus carry out the treatment as soon as possible.

These signs may indicate the onset of depression

Before we mention the signs that can indicate a possible depression, it is important that you know some of its main causes.

So, even though it is still studied, to find its possible origin, there are some main causes, such as:

  • Medications (side effects caused)
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol
  • Dependency 
  • Family or personal relationship problems
  • Trauma, for example: death of a loved one 
  • And among others

That is, due to various causes, it is extremely important to know some of its signs.

1 – Indisposition to the simplest activities

One of the first signs that may indicate possible depression is tiredness and frequent indisposition.

Thus, activities that were pleasurable to do, and that caused joy, end up becoming tiring and stressful.

Thus, it is common for the individual to end up wanting to be more isolated, without having contact with people and the environment, for a large amount of time.

That is, if this type of change occurs, it is important to seek medical and psychological guidance.

However, don’t end up confusing shyness, which is not liking certain places, with depression, since they are quite different.

2 – Increased sadness

Sadness is certainly one of the strongest and most detectable signs of a possible onset of depression.

Thus, this sadness is much more intense than commonly, where it is it has a certain frequency and generally great intensity.

In addition, in conjunction with this sadness, there may also have been a change in mood, and even an increase in aggressiveness.

Therefore, if this symptom occurs for many days, it is necessary to seek psychological help to conduct a study and possible treatment of this case.

3 – Low self-esteem and negativity with feelings of guilt

Another great symptom that can be easily detected, is low self-esteem, where the individual ends up not feeling satisfied many times with clothes, body and among other things.

In addition, the feeling of guilt ends up being very present, since for all the problems, the person is to blame.

That is, there is often that feeling that the person does not add up to anything in the world, and that everything is caused by him.

Therefore, if this type of sign is seen, the search for psychological and medical help is very important, since depression may be becoming very advanced.

4 – Change in appetite and sleep

It ends up being one of the most common signs when a start of depression is indicated, it is the change in sleep and appetite.

Thus, it is common for the individual to end up having too much or too little sleep, with unregulated schedules, which increases the feeling of fatigue.

Consequently, it is also common to change your appetite, where you can eat too much, or eat too little, caused mainly by anxiety.

Therefore, it is a simple sign, but one that ends up being one of the most common symptoms of anyone who may have depression.

5 – Pain in some regions of the body

Did you know that pain in some parts of the body ends up being common, in a possible depression?

Thus, this problem is not something that affects only the psychological, and may be present in the physical.

Thus, severe headaches, excessive fatigue and pain in the muscles and neck, pressure in the chest region, etc. can occur.

That is, if these signs are accompanied by any of the others mentioned in this list, it is important to be aware, and seek psychological help.

Final considerations

Depression is certainly a complicated disease, and the sooner the diagnosis is made, the easier the treatment becomes.

I hope that you enjoyed.

See you soon.

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